Sponsored Athlete Program

Sponsored Athlete Program

Our Program is a participation program and has no bearing on finish position.

PremierBike will fund a “Sponsored Athlete Pool” in an amount equal to two (2%) of the net sales of “TACTICAL” bikes during each Sponsored Athlete Program Period for distribution to Sponsored Athlete(s). Discounts, freight and taxes shall be deducted from sales in calculating the net sales amount.

The Sponsored Athlete Program Period runs from Dec. 31, 2016 – December 31, 2017 (12 months) (“End Date”). The second Sponsored Athlete Period runs from January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018 (12 months) (“End Date”).

All those who purchase a PremierBike Tactical bike (“Customers”) are eligible to participate in the Sponsored Athlete Program. All Customers are eligible every year the program exists.

To participate, a PremierBike customer must enter and complete any sanctioned triathlon race in the United States to earn points. Eligible sanctioned triathlon races include Sprint, Olympic, ½ distance long course or full distance long course triathlons. A Did-Not-Finish (DNF) does not count for points.

Points: Sprint (20), Olympic (25), 1/2 Long Course (30) and Full Long Course (35)

To become a Sponsored Athlete Program Participant a Customer must provide a list of finished sanctioned triathlon races at the end of each year (including the Name of Race, Date and City/State). All races must be logged within 15 days of the contest “End Date”. However, all races must be verified by PremierBike staff so we suggest you log your race as soon as possible. PremierBike will not be responsible if race results are not found on the Race (RD) website for verification. All race finishes by Sponsored Athlete Program Participants will be confirmed by PremierBike staff using the Official Sanctioned Triathlon Race website participation and results page; as entered by the Race Directors.

Points shall be awarded to each Sponsored Athlete Participant for each sanctioned triathlon race completed.

At the end of each Sponsored Athlete Program Period, participants will be ranked based on how many points they have received, PremierBike shall determine how many PremierBike Sponsored Athlete Participants shall receive distribution from the Sponsored Athlete Program Pool. (We will determine how deep in the list we payout). The Sponsored Athlete(s) with the most points will share in the Sponsored Athlete Program Pool Payout.

Sponsored Athlete(s) will be paid within 45 days of the Sponsored Athlete Program Period End Date. The amount and number of Sponsored Athlete Participant(s) will depend on the number of Bikes sold, number of Customers that participate and number of Sponsored Athlete(s) Program Participants that are selected solely by PremierBike.

PremierBike shall make periodic Sponsored Athlete Program announcements through the News/Blog section of PremierBikes website. Individual emails will be sent to all Sponsored Athlete Program Participants.

PremierBike is the sole sponsor and promoter of the Sponsored Athlete Program.

The Official Rules include:

Sanctioned Triathlon Race utilizing PremierBikes “Tactical” product required;
Must be a U.S. resident;
Must be 18 years of age or older;
Void where prohibited;
All federal, state and local laws apply;
Employees and their immediate family members of PremierBike, its parent, affiliate, subsidiary & successor companies and/or contest sponsors are not eligible to participate;
Prizes are non-transferable;
Sponsored Athlete Pool recipients must present proper identification, including proof of age and U.S. residency and may be asked to sign a release form to claim funds;
If Program funds are not claimed within 60 days, Program Funds will remain the property of PremierBike;
Sponsored Athlete(s) are responsible for all federal, state and local taxes due as a result of claiming fund(s);
By accepting Fund(s), the Sponsored Athlete Participant consents to the use, without additional compensation, of their names, likenesses for promotion or advertising purposes.
PremierBike will not be responsible for busy lines, disconnection, poor connections, computer malfunctions, lost, late or misdirected e-mail, faxes or any other circumstances;
All claims are subject to verification by PremierBike, whose decision is final as to all contest-related matters;
Specific Sponsored Athlete Program(s) may have additional or amended rules;
A copy of these rules and rules specific to a particular Sponsored Athlete Program(s) are available by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to 306 Nicholson Joliet, IL 60435;
All Sponsored Athlete Pool Recipients are required to provide a W9 form which you can download here: http://www.irs.gov/...er-and-Certification and it must be scanned, emailed, or mailed to PremierBike before any Sponsored Athlete Participant will receive any disbursement of funds.
PremierBike Official Sponsored Athlete Program Rules.

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