Premier Ultra Glide Chain Lubrication 16 oz.

Premier Ultra Glide Chain Lubrication 16 oz.

$ 16.79

This is the best chain Lube available. Your chain will get faster as you add miles and lubrication - due to our friction modifiers that attach to your chain. Our WS2 "nano particle" additive is super slick. The micro particles bond to the chain and make it faster than wax alone or wax * teflon * MOS2 blends. 

Our friction modifier is multi-layered tubular shaped tungsten disulfide (WS₂). These particles have notably high pressure, impact and heat resistances. They have low toxicity and high shock absorbing properties. These properties, in appropriate formulations, can facilitate the creation of “super performing” lubricants. Benefits of which include:

• Better performance under extreme conditions
• Better impact resistance
• Greater energy efficiency
• User-safe and environmentally friendly
• Superior capacity to extend the life and effective operation of working mechanisms

Super Durable Easy Application
All Weather Dry Chain Lube Emulsion
100% Bio-Degradable
Environmentally Friendly
Made in the USA
Formulated from high Quality Waxes and Low Friction Nano-Modifiers
Ultra Low Friction
* For use on Premier's Ultra Optimized low friction chain - simply apply over the existing lubrication to the pins, rollers and plates - allow to penetrate the dry chain. Wipe off excess - let dry.
* For use with a new dry and degreased chain - apply 2 coats to the pins, rollers and plates of the chain while turning crank; allow to soak in (let dry in between coats).
Note: for best results it is important to completely remove factory grease (first time application only) using a degreaser and then completely remove any degreaser reside from the chain before applying Ultra Glide Lube.
* You can apply Ultra Glide Lube over existing non-wax based lubrication as needed - however black road and trail grime will be present on the chain and continue to work its way out.
* Dry to clear film before use.
* Twist no Spill Cap
A High Viscosity Lubricant That Goes on Wet and Dries To a Clear Film
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