Ultra Chain Optimization

Ultra Chain Optimization


Chain Optimization is a huge benefit in reducing parasitic drag.

When you receive your PremierBike Tactical Triathlon bike, an Ultra optimized processed chain will be pre-installed that should get you through years of races as long as you keep them lubricated. This chain is included in the cost of your TACTICAL.

More than a wax job!!

There are many companies that offer – what they refer to as “Chain Optimization”; however those services usually come down to running a rough chain a while, cleaning the factory lube off and adding a wax/PTFE lube mixture. Its’ a nice start but hardly "true optimization" and hardly a cost effective option. Most of these services claim a 200-400 mile benefit. Ouch….

At PremierBike we provide a proven process that we have been using in other industries for over 15 years. Our process is a true friction reduction process to the base chain material that will remain effective for the life of a chain.

We utilize a physical Isotropic Surface Process and impregnation process  in combination with the Wax/PTFE/MsO2 coating. Here are the details.

Our Surface Engineering Process produces a surface that has several key advantages over other post manufacturing techniques. The resulting surface is asperity free, with a non-directional (isotropic) texture. The surface has an increased bearing material ratio and enhances the lubricant retention properties of the mating surface. We will include regular third party result reports showing the pre and post process effects. 

Our surface finishing process generates a non-directional low Ra surface resulting in low friction, low wear, increased part durability and improved corrosion resistance. Our process employs mass finishing equipment in conjunction with accelerated refinement chemistries that are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.

We have brought this process to bicycle chains.

Here is a study that outlines the detail:


 Operational Advantages:

  • Eliminate Break-in
  • Extend Component Life
  • Reduce Metal Debris
  • Reduce Part Failures

Our process:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning in lacquer thinner to remove factory lube.
  2. Then rinsed in a second bath of denatured alcohol resulting in a chain that is wholly devoid of any lubricant or factory anti-corrosion treatment.
  3. Isotropic Super Finish Process reducing friction in the chain and an application process  we don't disclose.
  4. Heat the chain 180F to improve bonding of lubricant.
  5. Melt and agitate Wax/FTFE, Ms02 blend in Ultrasonic Machine at 180F with chain for 20 minutes.
  6. Hang, Dry, Manipulate Chain and package.


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