Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the warranty?

A. 5 years on the bike and two (2) years on the wheels; please review the warranty section on the website for details.

Q. How about if I don't like the bike after I have a chance to look at it?

A. We understand that online shopping may leave you feeling uncertain. PremierBike has a 30-day return policy on unused products. If you are not satisfied with you're purchase we will take it back and return your money in the same form the products were paid for. Its that simple. The product(s) must be in 100% resalable condition and you must pay the shipping costs.

Q. Can I use the PremierBike 2.0 Tactical on a trainer?

A, Yes

Q. When will my bike ship after I place my order?

A. Most orders ship from stock. We will let you know if I here is any delay. .

Q. Does the bike come with the disk wheel and 88 mm front wheel and race tires as standard equipment? You may substitute different depth wheels if you would like.

A. Yes - but let us know what you want in the comment box at check out.

Q. Does the bike case hold three wheels?

A. Yes; two front wheels and one rear wheel.

Q. When I get my bike will it fit me?

A. Yes - when you set up your account we ask that you provide some physical information "Your Bike Fit". We use that information to set up your bike to fit you. When you receive you're bike just attach the wheels, insert the seat post to the level marked for you and turn four screws - you're ready to ride. But that's not all...We will also encourage you to utilize the over 645 Certified Triathlon Bike Fit Specialists throughout the United States; listed on and PremierBike will pay $200 toward a professional bike fit after you have had a chance to ride the bike a while - courtesy of PremierBike!

Q. What will fit in the rear storage?

A. Two tubes, two co2, screw on co2 device, two tire levers, patches, multi tool and cash. 

Q. So - you're saying that when I order the PremierBike 2.0 Tactical bike I will receive a complete bike with optimized chain, integrated aero bar, Shimano Ultegra DI2 electronic group set, ceramic BB, the aero 88 mm deep and 25 mm wide front wheel, the rear disk wheel  (or I can choose other wheels), center pull brakes, tilt kit, custom hydration and race tires for the price on the website?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I set the bike up as a 1X?

A. Yes, in fact we specifically designed the frame to accept a small alloy piece to fill the void instead of leaving an aero snag point.

Q. Does the Pioneer Power Meter come with the bike as standard equipment?

A. It can be added and you must use your own Garmin or similar device. The XS does come standard with a dual sided power meter. We do this so we can get crank arm lengths that are appropriate for the bike.

Q. Where do I order small replacement parts for my PremierBike TACTICAL?

A. We sell all PremierBike TACTICAL parts directly to consumers. Just let us know what part you need and we will make arrangements with you.

Q. My bike is making noise. What should I do?

A. Squeaks, creaks and groans are typically caused by contact between moving parts. The best course of action is to email us with a description and we will work with you to identify the issue.

Q. Do you guys offer any type of merchandise?

A. Currently, we do not offer stickers, posters or other promotional merchandise. We concentrate on designing the best bikes possible and have not dedicated the resources to promotional materials.

Q. If I found a website that is claiming to sell legitimate PremierBike frame sets for a very low price. Are they real?

A. No. We only sell our products directly to you.


Contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.