More than a Super Bike 

At PremierBike we listen to athletes and biking enthusiasts - the triathlon community built this bike!

For the past three years we have meticulously and systematically studied the industries top offerings - then we read and listened to what you and others have written and discussed about triathlon bikes and the triathlon industry. We studied what you liked and what has been lacking.  

At PremierBike our primary goal is not – how to maximize profit but how we can maximize value to individual athletes - our primary goal is to contribute to the sport by producing products that athletes value more than the alternative while more efficiently using resources and being among the safest and environmentally protective producers. 

By providing maximum value to athletes – our sustainability will take care of itself.

We focus on optimizing triathlete, bike frame, and component aerodynamics - at reasonable costs based on who knows best - those that participate in the sport.  

Founder, Dan Kennison has actively participated in Masters Swimming as well as Sprint, Olympic and half distance long course Triathlon for over 15 years. 

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing technical products in the United States and throughout Asia his leadership brings a depth of relationships, knowledge and experience unavailable to most companies.

Premier Manufacturing and Premier Asia Group started operations in 1989. The company grew to sales of over 30 Million in just 15 years. With manufacturing in 5 countries and customers in The United States, Canada and Europe we grew by delivering on our promises.

At PremierBike it will be no different.

Quality Manufacturing…Intelligent Design….Reasonable Prices…built for you.