PremierBike’s "1.0" TACTICAL bicycle is a high-end piece of sports equipment with light weight construction. We took great care in manufacturing and assembling your bike. Please use reasonable care when it comes to handling of the bike. Misuse, unprofessional assembly or insufficient service/maintenance can render the bike unsafe and may cause an accident!

"1.0" TACTICAL Bike Warranty

 Starting January 1, 2017, each PremierBike bicycle purchased directly from PremierBike after this date is warranted by PremierBike. You have a limited warranty on your bike for two (2) years from the date of purchase. You have a limited warranty of your bike hard case for three (3) years. You have a Limited warranty on your wheels for two (2) years. This warranty is expressly limited to either the repair or replacement of the defective frame, fork, wheels and/or cockpit – the decision to repair and/or replace will be at the sole discretion of PremierBike– and no other remedies are available under the warranty.

 PremierBike does not warrant against damage caused by normal wear and tear, crash, improper assembly, improper maintenance, or installation of parts or accessories not originally intended for use with "1.0" TACTICAL.

 PremierBike does not warrant against damage or failure of PremierBike bicycle frames, forks, wheels and/or cockpit caused by accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. Any modification of the frame or its components shall void this warranty.

 All claims under this warranty must be made directly with PremierBike. Claims will be processed only after proof of purchase is presented by the original purchaser. You must have your receipt so please keep a copy. 

 Please contact us at our published contact numbers should you need assistance.

 To make sure your bike has a long service life only use your bike for its' intended use. Your triathlon bike is only intended for use on paved roads and with smooth surfaces. This bike is designed for use with a maximum overall weight (rider, components, accessories etc..) not to exceed 220 lbs. If any manufacturers individual component requires a weight limit lower than 220 lbs. that manufacturers weight limit must be adhered to. Observe all load specifications.

 Our bolt torque specifications must be followed and maintenance intervals must be strictly followed. 

 Note: Carbon Fiber is a composite material used for weight savings. Small surface irregularities on carbon components are unavoidable in the manufacturing process and do not constitute a defect.

 Some components on your bike are subject to wear. The rate of wear is dependent on rider style, riding in rain, salty conditions, dirt and frequency of maintenance. Do not store your bike outside.

 The following items require regular care and maintenance and are your responsibility. Sooner or later they will reach the end of their service life. Parts that have reached their service life must be replaced and are not covered under warranty.

 Chain, cables, bar tape, chain-rings, pulleys, bearings, brake pads, wheel bearings, tires, tire tubes, saddle covering and cassettes.

 Brake pads are subject to wear due to their function. If you race or ride in hilly terrain, they may wear very frequently and need to be replaced. Regularly check the condition of the brake pads and replace if necessary. Rims with tires that are over inflated (in excess of 125 PSI) or break due to impact are not covered under warranty.

Subject to the laws of your jurisdiction which prevail where applicable over the terms of this warranty, PremierBike shall not be responsible for incidental or consequential damages suffered. This warranty does not cover labor charges or shipping charges for parts changeovers.

Hard Travel Case - Warranty Policy

 Please read the manual or view our video for packing instructions.

 PremierBike is not responsible for damage caused to equipment. Our packing suggestions and methods have proven to be effective for normal travel conditions. It is the end users responsibility to adequately pack equipment in our Travel Case. You may be required to pay excess luggage fees with our Travel Case. The Travel Case roughly measures 42” X 32”, and 17” wide at one end and 42 cm wide on the other.


Our bicycle Travel Case is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for three (3) years for the original owner. Defects in PremierBike Travel Case will be determined solely by PremierBike. If you believe any PremierBike travel case you have purchased has a defect in material or workmanship or has failed during normal use within the warranty period, please contact us at our website for assistance. If product repair or replacement is necessary, the Customer will be solely responsible for all shipping charges, freight, insurance and proper packaging to prevent breakage in transit, whether or not the product is covered by this warranty. The luggage wheel assembly is not protected by our 5 year warranty. Damage to luggage wheels can be repaired for an additional cost.


PremierBike will not warrant defects resulting from any Customer actions, such as mishandling, improper use, operation outside of design limits, misapplication, improper repair, or unauthorized modification. No other warranties are expressed or implied. PremierBike liability shall be limited to product repair or replacement of any defective unit to which a claim is made, and shall in no event include any other direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whether based on contract, tort or other legal theory. PremierBike shall not be liable for customary variances from specifications not affecting the normal use of the product.