Advantages of Direct Sales

Its' faltering, I wrote this in 2017 and now most companies are following our leadership.

There are a number of reasons.

Our products are a response to what many athletes have been writing about, discussing and asking for. I’m a triathlete too and have been down the same road as many athletes who are deciding between upgrading an existing bike or buy a new bike, new wheels or travel case.

In addition, we want to level the playing field with respect to equipment and to that end we are doing everything we can to reduce the cost to compete at a high level.

We believe that the triathletes that would consider purchasing our products  participates in technical discussions, reads a lot about the sport, understands the impact that aerodynamics play in equipment choices and thinks about all aspects of the sport; a lot.

When we evaluated the competition for triathlon products – the current business model and cost structures are simply not working for athletes. The design, marketing and distribution are 100% USA (or German, Canadian etc,) and quality manufacturing is in Taiwan. I’ve been manufacturing technical high quality products in Taiwan and throughout Asia for over 25 years. Our products are equal to or better than any brand on the market. Our competitors are charging you - too much.

PremierBike does not have nor want multiple layers of distribution costs, teams of expensive corporate executives, outdated legacy systems, our own wind tunnel, million dollar catalogues and ad campaigns, sponsored Tour D'France Teams etc… etc.. etc… Our competitors pass that cost on to you and its’ simply out of control………. we are not playing that game.

By producing products and programs that athletes value more than the alternative we hope to earn your business.


Dan Kennison 

Quality Manufacturing…Intelligent Design….Reasonable Prices…built for you