Bike Fit on Arrival

Bike Fit

At PremierBike we believe that a profession bike fit is a great investment for improvement in both comfort and aerodynamic drag reduction. That’s why we will pay up to $200.00 toward a professional bike fit after you have received your TACTICAL triathlon bike ($200.00 fit credit is not included with Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale Price).

We recommend that you ride the bike the way we have set it up for a few hundred miles to get used to the bike before you get your fit dialed in. It is amazing how quickly you will become acclimated to riding in the aero position.

We were trained and utilize the F.I.S.T. System along with “Static Fit Guidelines” as outlined on

When you receive your bike we will get your fit as close as we can remotely. Below are the metrics we use to set up your bike based on the information you have provided to us. Please share this with your professional fitter so he/she knows where we have base lined you. This will save time and give them a good idea of where to go next after hearing in-put from you.

We will set your cockpit distance, armrest elevation drop, saddle position versus the bottom bracket, elbow pad width, stack and reach, front trail and wheel base length based on the following:

The saddle height is set at .885 of inseam measured straight legs - up against crotch.

The cockpit distance is set (same as inseam measured from the nose of a standard saddle to the ends of extension bars - including shifters).

The stack – (armrest elevation drop) is set horizontal saddle height minus 6 cm).

The saddle top is set level (regular saddle).

A 79.5 degree seat tube angle is set (measured through the bottom bracket and the center of the saddle's rails/seat post slide).

Forward or rearward fork adjustment is set (for more/less front center or at extremes of frame size and will be noted).

Reach is set – to middle of elbow pads / .59 of the saddle to cockpit length.


The Athlete is fit, trim, experienced aero bar rider (adjust as needed based on individual notes from Fit Form) and of normal morphology. 

Fit fee to be utilized with 6 months of purchase.