Maintain Stopping Power

Cleaning Brake Track and Pads

There is debate about rim brakes and disk brakes on Triathlon Bikes. One way to maintain the braking efficiency of the center pull rim brakes on your PremierBike TACTICAL is to keep both the pads and brake tracks clean.

Cleaning Brake Track: Cleaning the brake track may require you to remove the tires to adequately access the entire braking surface. Run your fingers along the circumference of the wheel’s brake surface feeling for variations in roughness. Changes in tackiness or ‘smooth-to-rough’ patches along the brake track may indicate areas with glazing.

Use a clean gray “scotch-brite” pad (ultra-fine-abrasive pads) and Acetone. Clean the brake track along the top 13mm of rim circumference. Remove all discoloration, smears and ‘tacky- feeling’ areas. Focus on the rough feeling patches or those with obvious discoloration and very-very lightly scuff with the “scotch-brite” pad in the direction along the circumference of the rim. Do not use excessive pressure when cleaning your wheels, as it is easy to remove more than surface contamination and damage the braking layer.

After you’ve cleaned the brake track, with the abrasive pad, wipe down the surface with a small amount of Acetone on a clean cotton rag. You may need to wipe down the rim numerous times until you no longer see dark grey deposits on your cleaning rag. You may also wipe down the entire rim surface with Acetone; it will remove most-all road grime and oil from your hands that has deposited on the wheel, but should not damage decals.

Cleaning Brake Pads:
You can remove the brake pads (leaving them inside the alloy holders by removing on Hex screw. Inspect the brake pad surfaces, front and rear, for embedded debris. Remove any small-embedded particles in the pads with a fine point tool. If the brake pad surface on your TACTICAL Blue pads has dark smears/smudges or appears shiny they may be glazed and will need cleaning.

To clean brake pads, use 120-grit sandpaper to scuff the brake pad surfaces. After sanding, use some hand soap and warm water to wash the pads off. Finish by drying them with a clean towel. Re-Install the brake pad and holder.

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