Customer Fit Measurements

  1. Height: _________foot _________inches or _________cm __________mm
  1. Current Bike Seat Height (center of BB to middle top of seat): ________ in or ________ cm
  1. Inseam: __________inches or ____________ cm. Snug against body to floor.
  1. Are You: __________slim, __________fit, __________muscular, _______ need to loose a few  Comment:__________________________________________________________
  1. Relaxed Closed Fist to Elbow length: ________in or _________ cm Bend arm at 90 degrees and measure from back of elbow to longest portion of closed relaxed fist. 
  1. Have you had a professional bike fit? If so, Please email it to us at
  1. Any upper back issues that we should consider for your fit?   ___________________________________________________________________
  1. Any Lower Back Issues that we should consider for your fit?  ___________________________________________________________________ 
  1. Your triathlon events _______ Sprint, ______Olympic,  ________1/2 Distance ______Long Course? Please check all that apply.

Any Additional Comments you would like to include? _______________________________________________________________________