List of bike components

Frame SM, MD, LG Premier Custom Frame
Rear Brake Cover Premier Max Aero
Fork Premier Custom w/Integrated brake w Front Center Adj.
Rear Storage Premier Size Specific - Aero
Seat Post Carbon Fiber SM, MD, LG
Elbow Pads Premier Comfort P-33
Elbow Cups Premier Carbon Fiber
Extension Bars Premier Carbon Comfort Grip P-58
Pad Stack Spacers Premier Alloy 5, 10, 20 - Max 60mm
Stem Premier Flat Universal -17

Fork Bearings

Head Set

45 Degree With Centering Ring

PT-185E 1-18" (041-030) w/o top cap, Sealed Bearing

Chain Wheel Shimano Mid-Compact 52/36 FC-6800 Crank Arms SM165, MD 165, LG170
Bottom Bracket Shimano SM-BB72-41B Press Fit 
Front Derailleur Shimano Ultegra, FD-6870-F, Removable
Rear Derailleur Shimano Ultegra, RD-6870, SS 11’s
Cassette Shimano CS-6800 11S, 11-23
Battery Shimano BT-DN110-1 Built-in
Brake Lever R/L Shimano ST-6871, Ultegra, TT 11’S
Ext Bar Shifter R/L Shimano DI2, SW-R671-R 2 Button
Chain Connex 11 Optimized
Charger Shimano SM-BCR2 UBS Port
Battery Indicator Shimano Gen Two
Rear Tire Continental GP 4000  23 mm
Front Tire Continental GP 4000   23 mm
Front Wheel 88 mm Deep/ 25 mm wide/ valve extender 1pc
Rear Wheel 24 mm wide Premier Disk Standard
Brakes PremierBike Custom Center-Pull


Battery Charger 


  • Long battery life (up to 2000km when fully charged)
  • Concealed mounting
  • Electric wires (SM-EW50) available in a range lengths from 150mm to 1400mm
  • 5 port junctions for BB area available.

R671 Di2 Remote Triathlon Shifter (Two-Button)


  • Multiple control positions mean shifts are always close at hand
  • Fast, accurate, effortless shifts

         Double controls on aero bar shifters

ULTEGRA Di2 Front Derailleur (2x11-Speed)


  • Precision actuators move cage swiftly and smoothly
  • Fast, silent and accurate front shifts every time
  • Programmed automatic trimming function
  • Support bolt creates rigid platform to move chain to the outer chain-ring
  • Keeps correct alignment, even when under high pedaling torque

         Model Number : FD-6870-F

  • Series : ULTEGRA
  • Cassette Compatibility : 11
  • Top Gear Teeth : 36-52T
  • Maximum Capacity : 16T
  • Link Bushing : 4
  • Chain Stay Angle : 61-66 Deg
  • Mounting : Screw-On
  • Chain Line : 5
  • Band Material : Aluminum
  • Outer Link : Resin/Painted

         Average Weight : 155g

ULTEGRA Di2 Rear Derailleur GS (2x11-Speed)


  • Precise, lightning-fast shifts across an 11-speed cassette
  • More compact and lighter
  • E-tube connections to simplify installation
  • Automatic crash protection moves the cage out of harm's way
  • Wide link design to reduce shifting deflection
  • Maximum sprocket32T for GS
  • Weight: 260g   


Conner 11SX Chain (stainless Nickel Coated; 11-Speed)


  • Nickel Treatment 
  • Hollow Pin
  • 116 links (257g)
  • HG-EV chain for 11-speed

       Model Number : 11SX

         Chain Type : 11-speed

ULTEGRA HG EV Cassette Sprocket (11-Speed)


  • HG-EV 11-speed cassettes sprocket
  • Rider tuned wider gearing options with 11-speed

       Model Number : CS-6800

  • Series : ULTEGRA
  • Number of Sprockets : 11-23

         Chain Compatibility : CN-6800

ULTEGRA HOLLOWTECH II Crankset (2x11 Speed)


  • Optimum power transfer
  • Lightweight maintains efficiency
  • Front derailleur chain guide design to reduce chain drop
  • DURA-ACE proven 4-arm design: Same stiffness and lighter weight. 14g lighter weight and half the friction of the SM-BB6700, while maintaining the same durability

       Model Number : FC-6800

  • Series : ULTEGRA
  • Crank Construction : HOLLOWTECH II
  • Cassette Compatibility : CS-6800
  • Chain Compatibility : CN-6800
  • Chainring Sets 52-36 T
  • Crank Arm Length : SM165, MD165, LG170
  • Bottom Bracket : SM-BBR60
  • Chain Line : 5

         Average Weight : 765g

ULTEGRA TT/Triathlon Dual Control Lever (2x11-Speed)


  • Shifting at multi-position and shifting while braking are possible
  • Offer same braking control as DURA-ACE ST-9071
  • Quick access
  • Reach adjust
  • Aluminum lever

         Model Number : ST-6871

  • Series : ULTEGRA
  • Cassette Compatibility : 11-speed
  • Front Shifting : double
  • Super SLR : SLR-EV

         Reach Adjuster : Yes